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sephora on robson + VIB sale!

Last month, we were very lucky to have a new Sephora store open on Robson St- not just any Sephora store, but the biggest one in Canada!...

Last month, we were very lucky to have a new Sephora store open on Robson St- not just any Sephora store, but the biggest one in Canada! A big enough deal that even the amazing Coco Rocha attended the opening ;) Most importantly, the opening week coincided with Sephora's VIB sale, so when my friend Christina was invited to a VIB Rouge event, we decided to attend at the new store instead of the one in Pacific Centre. I'd walked by before, but had purposely avoided going in to make the event that much more special. When Christina and I arrived, we were absolutely overwhelmed, not just by the physical size of the store, but all the people rushing around with baskets and baskets full of products! There were also drinks available, and girls walking around with platters of Godiva truffles. "Oh, help yourself!" Well....don't mind if I do! Godiva truffles are a little taste of heaven, after all. There's a Bumble & Bumble hair studio ($30 for styling), a Sephora Skincare Studio, and also a Benefit Brow Bar. Upstairs is the VIB Rouge Studio, which provides services like makeovers for free....but exclusive for VIB Rouge members, of course.

It was hard to choose a place to start, so we just picked a corner and went from there. We were very happy to see an Armani display AND ALSO- a counter just for the Maison Martin Margiela Replica fragrances!!!! Ever since they'd been released, I'd been dying to give them a try, but none of the stores here stocked them. Christina & I instantly rushed over to go spritz-crazy. Originally, I'd had my eye on Flower Market- it sounded right up my alley, and one of my good friends who owned it had said she thought I would like it. However....while I did like the floral aspect of it- I found it a bit too musky for me. Instead, my favourite was definitely Sunday Morning (and upon returning to the store a second time, I found I really like Jazz Club as well!)

Originally, I hadn't planned on really buying anything for the sale, save for D&G's L'Impératrice, which had taken me a bit of time to actually consider spending huge bucks on, and by the time I finally worked up the courage, the Sephora at PC was constantly out of stock. If I had the money, they wouldn't have it, and when they DID have it, I would be broke. It's honestly one of my all-time favourite perfumes though, and Christina's only comment when I grabbed the box was, "IT'S ABOUT TIME, ROZ." Anyhow. After doing some browsing online the week before the sale, I figured that with a 20% discount, I might as well get some of my Christmas gifts out of the way...I typically rush to get all my gifts from Sephora in December anyway, and it's better to take advantage of the discount instead of paying full price, right?!

2014's "Pokemon"- gotta catch 'em all, right? 

Exclusive to Sephora! Juliette Has a Gun is a fragrance line by Romano Ricci- Nina Ricci's grandson

So here are my purchases from the sale. A few are from an online order (which I succumbed to only for the bag of samples. I'm weak....) As you can see, I already busted into the pack of Shiseido cotton pads- again, I'd really been hesitant to spend so much on something simple, but everyone swore that they'd never go back to their cheap drugstore pads, so I gave in....and they were right, sigh. Paired with my Murad toner, I swear this makes a HUGE difference compared to the cheap ones I've been using all along. Like many others, I split mine in half so that there's double the amount, lmao.

Hey friends. If you're reading this, there's a chance one of these things might be part of your Christmas gift, oops.

I've been obsessed with perfume minis/deluxe samples, and these were too cute to pass up.
I'm rarely ever tempted to buy palettes, but when I discovered this one I had to get it for travel purposes!

IT'S SO TINY. SO CUTE. Like I could possibly resist that! I'm not new to Smashbox palettes- I bought the one for Brown Eyes last year for my trip to Europe, and I do like it, but it's quite clunky in comparison. Also, while I think the colour choices are great...I've barely touched the navy blue at all. As for the mini Full Exposure palette- I'm sure I'll use every single shade. The shimmery ones are perfect- a bit sheer, which I know people were complaining about, but I don't mind at all. They also match perfectly with the matte shades. In fact, that ashy brown in the bottom right corner matches quite well with my brow powder, so I won't even have to bring that separately. 

On to the samples!

The sole reason for my online order. I love that Chloé perfume, and I'd been wanting to try both the Marc Jacobs lip gloss & the Kat Von D one as well, so...what the hey.

They also included these perfume sample cards...it's a really cute idea!
There's a story behind this batch of deluxe samples:

A few days after attending the VIB Rouge event, I decided to head back to Sephora before the VIB sale ended. Unfortunately, the one on Robson had sold out of the Smashbox palette, and I'd had my mind set on buying it, so I reluctantly headed to the store at Pacific Centre. They did have the palette, so I went to go pay, but the total price left me a bit confused- how come there was no discount? I asked the girl, and she very snootily informed me that as I wasn't VIB Rouge, there was no 20% off. I patiently told her that I'd just come from the Robson store where I had gotten the discount, and it wasn't just for Rouge members. She stubbornly stuck to her claim- even going so far as to say that it must be a promotional thing since the Robson store was new. I decided to just pay after she rudely asked if I wanted the items or not. Now, normally, I hate confrontation and I will never kick up a fuss, but this girl definitely got on my nerves, so I found a different employee and asked if the sale was for all VIB members. She confirmed the fact, and after hearing my story, found a manager, who in turn, got another clerk to refund the extra cash that I had paid. They were very gracious and helpful- in fact, the clerk reached into the samples drawer and literally grabbed a handful of everything and threw them into my bag. I was shocked when I looked into it afterward and realized how many high-end goodies I'd gotten! First of all- like I said earlier- I'm hooked on deluxe perfume samples now. The miniature bottles are way too adorable! (The Chloé + Viktor & Rolf ones are actually point perks, btw.) My Burberry has literally been my favourite fall perfume since it was released, and I need it in my life (which means that like the D&G perfume, I probably won't be willing to spend money on it until another billion years has passed, sigh.) As for the Dior lip samples- how ingenious is that packaging? I'm blown away by the detail- especially that magnetic closure. Just goes to show....sometimes it's not a bad idea to speak up ;)

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