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Apologies for abandoning you, my dear blog. I've had so many posts planned, but unfortunately, my laziness got the better of me (as alwa...

Apologies for abandoning you, my dear blog. I've had so many posts planned, but unfortunately, my laziness got the better of me (as always), and I truly am easily distracted, haha.

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting mail (and by that, I don't mean boring update newsletters or junk mail...)- but of course it's even better when things arrive all at once...just like Christmas!

This month, my Julep package arrived extremely early- I usually don't get mine till near the end of the month. Admittedly, I wasn't that impressed with my June box. I'd chosen Kennedy & Martha...two colours that aren't particularly exciting. I'd considered skipping, but only went through with it as I'd been curious about the DD creme. I don't own any foundation or concealer, so I figured it would be worth giving a shot, for days when I feel as if I need some touching up. I think this blogpost sums up how I feel about this box in general. It's disappointing, because I typically love anything "preppy" themed around Maine/Nantucket...sigh. Here's to the saltwater taffy that was included!

Anyway, back to July. The "California Coast" collection? I was quite happy with it!

For some reason (aka I don't pay attention and have horrible memory), I thought I'd be receiving the Sea Salt Spray, so I was quite surprised when I saw the Beach Tonic body oil instead (my mistake, not theirs, of course!) Admittedly, I am quite wary when I see the word 'oil' as I typically hate the greasy residue feeling left on your hands afterward, but I actually quite like this! It's really not greasy at all after application, and it left my skin smooth and smelling citrusy- impressive as scents don't typically last long on my skin, but this did well.

Also included were green tea facial blotting papers. I haven't used blotting papers since high school, but I'm going away on vacation next month, and these may be quite handy to have in a hotter climate, not to mention the fact that they smell deliciously of green tea! (duh)

On to the polishes! I chose the bombshell box, so I received Blakely & Joanna.

I own a few purple polishes, but Joanna is a lovely lilac frost which will be great amongst all my darker purples & lavender shades. There are some lovely tiny purple glitter specks inside which are hard to see in pictures...

 Blakely...is amazing. It's a "molten" polish that instantly reminds me of oil slicks- but also of MAC's Formidable! polish from their Venomous Villains collection (only in the bottle though, I don't think this is exactly a dupe.) I cannot wait to put this on my nails once autumn comes along.

All in all, I'm pleased as punch with this box! Other things I received in the mail...a sample of Lancôme's new 'Gloss in Love' in 385 "Under the Spotlight."

I adore Lancôme products, and I'd been excited for this ever since reading Rae's review on them. I love the light cherry scent, and the applicator is a dream- just the right amount of product without having to go back into the tube for more, and super easy to use! I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to try out the new release mechanism, but of course that'd be asking for too much from a sample, haha. I remember the first proper lip gloss I had when younger was one of Lancôme's Juicy Tubes, and boy, did I feel glamorous. I'm not really a fan of lip glosses though, to be quite honest, and despite everyone's posts on their non-stickiness, I still feel like it's still a tad too sticky for me- but I'll still wear it, I think! The formula smooths out into this incredibly glassy sheen on the lips, which I really liked- and the shimmer is gorgeous. The colour in the tube looks quite intimidating, but it's really much more sheer when worn, and I honestly feel like my lips look much more plump after applying this :)

The last thing I received in the mail were samples of Biotherm's Aquasource Deep Serum. I've never actually used any Biotherm products before, but I'm always keen on trying out new skincare products, especially those that claim to be extremely moisturizing and hydrating, as my skin is quite dry in the summer. Of course, I can't say much from two tiny samples, but my skin was quite moisturized and soft to the touch after applying! I'm not fond of the scent though (supposedly mint/orange/lemon/mandarin/grapefruit & lily of the valley/jasmine)...it was a bit odd. The appearance itself is more like that of liquid soap compared to other serums I've used.

Well, that was an exhaustingly long post! If you've gotten this far, thank you so much for reading. I'll try my best to post more regularly (。・ω・。)ノ♡ 

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