Saturday, December 13, 2014

quick & easy christmas gifts at chapters

Can you believe it- Christmas is just 12 days away! I've mostly finished my Christmas shopping, but am still constantly on the lookout for more small gifts (I have a shopping problem...I think that much is obvious, haha.) I haven't been in Chapters in a few months now, so I decided to stop by to see what new things they have in store! I know in the past few years they've really stepped up their game in terms of home decor items & of course various other gifts that aren't just reading material. I was particularly interested in their stationery section-

How cute is all of this?! The larger pencil bags above that say 'hello' are on sale for $9, and the long ones below that with the stripes (bonjour~)/bow are on sale for $6. I don't really need more pencil bags....but these are all my favourite patterns! My friends always joke that the minute a bow is placed on something, I will instantly be drawn to it right away...and it's true :( The same goes for anything striped- I'm honestly very tempted to buy that one for my trip to France.

[Off topic: do you notice something hiding in the back of that second picture?

Goodness knows I overuse the phrase 'I CAN'T EVEN' numerous times a day (despite it not making any sense to people that aren't familiar with internet slang) but I just...I literally cannot! hehe]

I also really like the huge journal with the Emily Dickinson quote- it's very simple, but it's a good size & is lined inside, so it'd be a useful gift for any student! I genuinely love taking notes, so every term I go looking for cute new notebooks.

Speaking of journals/notebooks- at about $30, I personally think Moleskines are a great gift for anyone you know that constantly has too many thoughts in their head, haha. I own both a pocket sized one and a large one. Pocket sized for daily thoughts/doodles, etc. and the large one I take with me every time I go on vacation for journaling purposes. (This was before they came out with the Voyageur Travellers notebook- I think I'll pick this up when I eventually fill up my current one!)

One area that I constantly check at Chapters ever since they started carrying the brand....would definitely have to be Kate Spade. Super girly, yet still professional & not over the top; everything they release is always right up my alley. Also for $30, their stylish planners are a must have! I know I wouldn't be able to live without my planner- sure, you can have your schedule in your phone, but I find it much more helpful to write it all down....not to mention all the to-do lists that I come up with daily. I would definitely encourage y'all to check out everything else they're offering- their stationery really is adorable and would all look so chic on your desk!'s my pièce de résistance:

their Emma Pencil Pouch Set- inspired by Jane Austen's Emma, of course. On the back is a quote from the book, and inside, it includes an eraser, a sharpener, two pencils, and a ruler. The minute I saw this, I knew I needed it- I swear to you I've put it down on my wishlist already...and honestly, I think it's a great deal for $28. I've definitely even considered using this as a clutch...à la Olympia Le-Tan, whose book clutches are all the rage- literature is fashionable! [OOPS can I segue into mentioning one of my favourite tumblrs- John Jannuzzi, who used to be the editor for Lucky magazine, combines runway fashion with literary/historical characters. I love it. Check it out if you haven't already!!]

I've rambled enough already, but there are truly so many options at Chapters! Aside from what I've mentioned above, they also carry chocolate/snacks, amazing art (like products from Rifle Paper Co.!!! I'm addicted.), candles & beauty products, jewelry & accessories, etc. etc.....and hey, as a last resort, they even carry books ;)

(books really are an excellent gift btw)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

le marché st. george

Hidden within a residential area near Fraser Street.....a little secret (that isn't really much of a secret nowadays)- Le Marché St. George. From the minute I discovered this gem online (possibly through Monocle- I honestly can't remember now)- I'd wanted to go...and that was over a year ago. What is it about living close to so many cool places but never actually going?! *cough earnest ice cream cough*

This month, I decided I was sick of waiting, and since school's technically done for the term, I arranged a date with my friend Cybil- whom I've shared many first time cafe/restaurant experiences with :') It was as quaint and perfect as I'd expected. I frequent their blog VERY OFTEN, so I already had a good sense as to what the general feel of the place would be like, but nothing compares to being there in person. Even with the many people seated in various areas inside, it's not so much boisterous as it is just plain cozy. The soft chatter and sounds of dishes being prepared in the kitchen blends seamlessly with the fragrant smell of pastries and hot drinks. Luckily, we went on a weekday afternoon, so we easily found seats at the table. I fell in love with the homey atmosphere- I felt as if I was starring in a lovely French film! (Let me live my dream of starring in my own version of Amélie, haha!)

After trying very hard to decide what to order, I went for the cinnamon sugar & butter crêpe, and Cybil chose the lemon sugar & butter. We also agreed that hot chocolate was the way to go and both opted for the Michel Cluizel option (which was a bit pricier, but so, so worth it.) Surprisingly, I'm not crazy about crêpes- I remember having my first nutella one in Paris and I didn't feel too good afterward...maybe that's why, haha. I did like the cinnamon sugar, but I couldn't really taste much butter, so it felt a bit dry. I think next time I'll definitely go for the savoury option, or try a quiche! The hot chocolate was genuinely scrumptious though. If you're like me and aren't fond of coffee, I would without a doubt give it a try. My total was less than $10 though- my wallet approves! (Also, check out their menu!)

I'd also been looking forward to visiting their Christmas pop-up shop, but had somehow conveniently forgotten that it's only open on the weekend- during the weekday, it's open by appointment only. No worries...I'll definitely be coming back anyway :)

The night before, I decided that I would wear my new Topshop skirt that I'd gotten on sale, and hey, why not put together a proper outfit while I'm at it? This place is too adorable to let it go to waste- it's honestly an excellent backdrop for little photoshoots. I'm still a bit uncomfortable being in front of the camera (as I'm sure you can tell), but I gave it my best shot! Thanks to Cybil for taking the pictures ❤
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Friday, December 5, 2014

sephora on robson + VIB sale!

Last month, we were very lucky to have a new Sephora store open on Robson St- not just any Sephora store, but the biggest one in Canada! A big enough deal that even the amazing Coco Rocha attended the opening ;) Most importantly, the opening week coincided with Sephora's VIB sale, so when my friend Christina was invited to a VIB Rouge event, we decided to attend at the new store instead of the one in Pacific Centre. I'd walked by before, but had purposely avoided going in to make the event that much more special. When Christina and I arrived, we were absolutely overwhelmed, not just by the physical size of the store, but all the people rushing around with baskets and baskets full of products! There were also drinks available, and girls walking around with platters of Godiva truffles. "Oh, help yourself!" Well....don't mind if I do! Godiva truffles are a little taste of heaven, after all. There's a Bumble & Bumble hair studio ($30 for styling), a Sephora Skincare Studio, and also a Benefit Brow Bar. Upstairs is the VIB Rouge Studio, which provides services like makeovers for free....but exclusive for VIB Rouge members, of course.

It was hard to choose a place to start, so we just picked a corner and went from there. We were very happy to see an Armani display AND ALSO- a counter just for the Maison Martin Margiela Replica fragrances!!!! Ever since they'd been released, I'd been dying to give them a try, but none of the stores here stocked them. Christina & I instantly rushed over to go spritz-crazy. Originally, I'd had my eye on Flower Market- it sounded right up my alley, and one of my good friends who owned it had said she thought I would like it. However....while I did like the floral aspect of it- I found it a bit too musky for me. Instead, my favourite was definitely Sunday Morning (and upon returning to the store a second time, I found I really like Jazz Club as well!)

Originally, I hadn't planned on really buying anything for the sale, save for D&G's L'Impératrice, which had taken me a bit of time to actually consider spending huge bucks on, and by the time I finally worked up the courage, the Sephora at PC was constantly out of stock. If I had the money, they wouldn't have it, and when they DID have it, I would be broke. It's honestly one of my all-time favourite perfumes though, and Christina's only comment when I grabbed the box was, "IT'S ABOUT TIME, ROZ." Anyhow. After doing some browsing online the week before the sale, I figured that with a 20% discount, I might as well get some of my Christmas gifts out of the way...I typically rush to get all my gifts from Sephora in December anyway, and it's better to take advantage of the discount instead of paying full price, right?!

2014's "Pokemon"- gotta catch 'em all, right? 

Exclusive to Sephora! Juliette Has a Gun is a fragrance line by Romano Ricci- Nina Ricci's grandson