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last minute gift guide 2017: anthropologie

       Hello blog! It's certainly been a while, hasn't it? Conveniently, I'm back with a small last minute gift guide fil...

Hello blog! It's certainly been a while, hasn't it? Conveniently, I'm back with a small last minute gift guide filled with items from Anthropologie. If you've been here for a while, you may remember that I did one of these a while back- three years ago to this day, to be exact. Not much has changed- I'm still a huge fan of Anthro's well-curated gift selection, and I thought I'd walk you through the gifts I bought this year. (Prices & links are listed to the best of my ability.) Let's get started!


I raved about Illume's products in my last gift guide, and honestly, not much has changed. I picked up these darling little rollerball perfumes, and while I really didn't need to buy all three options, I just couldn't resist the packaging (...what's new, eh?)
"Each delicate, nature-inspired fragrance from Subrosa was crafted to embody the essence of a secret garden." 

The Subrosa line is exclusive to Anthro, and the rollerballs are $12 CAD each.

how amazing is the subrosa packaging though?!

Yet another constant has been my consistent need to buy sheet masks or hand creams for all my friends. Guess what? Anthro had my back!

Formulary foot soak: $7 CAD // Kocostar masks: $5 CAD // Leaders mask: $5 CAD // Buddy Scrub g.t. scrub: $17 CAD

I may have mentioned this before, but to be perfectly honest, I'm not a huge fan of sheet masks. I hate the hassle of putting them on and making sure they fit your face shape, I hate the messiness of the added serums/essences, I hate it when said liquids drip all over the place.....I just can't be bothered! However, I was drawn to these Kocostar masks because not only are they adorable, but they're also tiny little "masks" for you to use on targeted areas rather than covering your whole face! I went a bit overboard on these, but I think I bought at least 10 of them....which, believe me, really added up, yikes. 

Adding on to the foot soak and green tea scrub, I also picked up these mini jars of hand and foot scrub from Mer-Sea & Co. I love getting scrubs and various other bath/spa items for my friends- I just want to give them a chance to relax a bit at home and feel pampered since I know how hard they all work!

Mer-Sea & Co. mini balm scrub
Lastly, we have some small little hand creams and lip balm. Every girl I know is constantly digging in her bag for hand cream, so these small little tins from Herbacin are a blessing. As for the Lanolips....my lips aren't typically dry, but the minute I put on any lip product on them, they start crying for help (and occasionally in the winter they do start to feel chapped.) I own many a chapstick, but not many of them seem to do the trick- my only salvation in the past year has been Laneige's lip mask....more on that later. Now, I'd seen these Lanolips being sold at Anthropologie, and truthfully, I gravitated towards it because of the lovely pink shade. However, after trying it in store, I knew I had to get one for myself. It's quite thick, and you really don't need a lot- it's almost ointment like in texture. Upon applying it, it sort of sinks into your lips....and while it feels like they're drying them out, upon smacking my lips several times, I realized that even after 3+ hours, my lips were actually quite moisturized. The good thing about this product is that it's actually meant to be multi-use. You can apply some to your cuticles, or any other dry areas of your skin!

Supergoop 2-in-1 spf for body & lip // Herbacin wellness hand cream: $3.50 CAD // Lanolips lips 101 ointment: $17 CAD


Moving on to my last few final things from this haul. Notebooks notebooks notebooks! Oh, how I love notebooks & planners. I've mentioned Rifle Paper Co. many times on this blog, and this set of three notebooks was too gorgeous to pass up. Another little goodie I dug up were these simple Illume planners

Rifle Paper Co. penned posies journal trio: $15 CAD // Illume oo la la planner: $9.95 CAD
Lastly, for the cheerful optimist in your life; the one that just oozes ~joie de vivre~, I have this little gem:

The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures: $12.82 CAD (on amazon)

How adorable is that? It's very 'My Favourite Things' à la The Sound of Music, but it's just so beautifully illustrated that I can't stop flipping through it.

The last few things I want to talk about briefly will fall under the genre of 'special mention' as I didn't purchase these items but thought they were quite amazing.

constellation jewelry gift set
How lovely are these jewelry sets? I'm not big on horoscopes and the like, but I do love dainty jewelry & stars, so this is right up my alley....not to mention they're currently on sale! I don't have pierced ears, so unfortunately, I can't wear the cute little earrings, but I can think of a handful of friends that would love these. 

Aren't these just the most precious little jewelry holders?! I bought an Eiffel Tower ring holder from Anthropologie many years ago and still get so much use out of it, but I can't help myself from constantly wanting all the new ones that they put out! These dog trinket dishes are $14 CAD.

And there we have it! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that your shopping goes well! x

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