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gift guide: anthropologie

For those that are frantically looking for last-minute gifts, or just stuck in a rut in terms of gift ideas, I've compiled a small l...

For those that are frantically looking for last-minute gifts, or just stuck in a rut in terms of gift ideas, I've compiled a small list of things I really like from Anthropologie which will hopefully be helpful!

Ever since they opened up an Anthro here in Vancouver, it's been a downhill battle for me to try and stay away. I can't really afford their clothing, but I find myself returning constantly for house & home items, accessories, & gifts. This...is going to be a long post.


I won't deny that my motivation for buying most of these products was based initially on cute packaging alone...

Scents can, of course, be extremely personal, but I do enjoy giving my friends light fragrances that can easily be layered with their own favourites- I find that I usually go for citrus scents, or the occasional floral if I know that's what they like. Here are two from Illume's Go Be Lovely collection that I picked up:

Coconut Milk Mango & Thai Lily @ $14 each
Another perfume I picked up is from Royal Apothic's Conservatory collection: 

As I may have mentioned a few times on this blog, I am a huge sucker for rose scents, and this perfume is definitely one of my new favourites. To be honest, I bought this one for myself, but I did purchase their carnation scent for my friend, and that one smells lovely as well. I really can't rave about this enough- it's a spray instead of a rollerball (bonus points!!), and the scent genuinely lasts on my skin for more than half the day, which is more than can be said for many of my more expensive perfumes (sigh, D&G, I love you, but I'm looking at ya!) The box tells me the top notes in this are bergamot, grapefruit & rose petal...middle notes are linden flower & geranium, and the base notes are vanilla & black orchid. For me, the initial spray definitely leaves you with just the smell of roses, but after settling, I definitely notice the grapefruit & vanilla, which really prevents it from becoming a 'grandma' floral fragrance. At $18, I think it's well worth the price! (Their larger 3.4 fl oz bottle is worth looking into as well- it's absolutely gorgeous.)

While we're on the topic of Royal Apothic's products....

...all kinds of cute & soothing products for your lips! Their Balmie lip conditioner is $10, the Scrubbie lip scrub is $12, and the Tinties lip butter is $14. Honestly, the packaging is just to die for, isn't it?!

Hand cream! Everyone needs this stuff, let's be real. I'm ashamed to say it took me a very long time to realize that lotions frankly did nothing for my skin past an hour of application, and to just purchase creams instead. Lollia is one of my favourite brands- these mini tubes are so handy and I like having one in all my purses at all times. (As you can see, the sugared pastille one is my own, just for comparison.) These minis are $10.

If you refer back to the collective picture I posted in the beginning, I also bought a lotion from Illume in the scent 'Golden Amber.' I find it to be quite musky & warm- definitely for someone who likes more heavy, masculine scents. It was on sale for only $7.95!


I don't really have any pictures of Anthropologie's candles, so I'll just have to take them off the website, hehe. However, I thought I'd list a few of my favourites anyway! This may be a controversial statement, but I think Bath & Body Works' candles are slightly overrated *gasp*. I went in once they started stocking this year's holiday candles, and I honestly didn't like a single one...but this wasn't the case with Anthropologie's!!!! (and they come in such cute tins/jars~) Here are my favourites: 

  1. Illume's Boulangerie Jar in Angel Food ($16)
  2. Illume's Spring's Eden Candle Tin in Coconut Milk Mango ($18)
  3. Illume's Tin Type Candle in Toasted Hazelnut ($18)
  4. Royal Apothic's Conservatory Collection Candle in Noble Carnation ($26)

Sadly, it's been discontinued now, but this Cherry Almond Cake soy candle from Illume literally used to make my mouth water- that's how amazing it smelled.

This is already way too long, so I don't want to blab on about it, but Anthro also sell super unique tableware- I swear before I entered this store, I never bought plates or mugs as I don't entertain and saw no need for them, but now my cabinet is full of painted plates and bowls that I use for food photography. (in fact, my mom's been asking where all these new plates are coming from and why we suddenly have so many...) *watches my money fly out of my wallet*

I mean, just look at this adorable sugar bowl/creamer set. I can't handle it!!!!

I can't find this on the Canadian website, but they're $14 each!


Lastly, let's talk about books/paper goods! I got this calendar on sale for $9.95 for my friend who's fond of discovering new drinks.

As for books.....here's something I fell in love with the minute I saw them in store- a collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. (as if I haven't gushed enough about them, haha) & Penguin Publishing.

*sighs dreamily* aren't they exquisite?! I've always been an avid collector of classic literature, and Penguin is constantly taunting me by releasing all these wonderfully designed book covers!! *____* These are about $18 CAD, I think? I've added them all to my wishlist. 

If you're wanting to spend a bit more for someone special who's also a sweet tooth, the one and only Ladurée have two recipe books- Ladurée : The Sweet Recipes & Ladurée Chocolate

That's all I'll get into for now- if you've gotten this far in to the post, thank you so much for reading! Best of luck with your gift shopping, and have a very merry Christmas!  ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

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