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boxing day shopping list!

It's been a while since I've braved the crowds to go boxing day shopping, but I received a bit of money from my relatives for Christ...

It's been a while since I've braved the crowds to go boxing day shopping, but I received a bit of money from my relatives for Christmas, and instead of saving it like a GOOD RESPONSIBLE ADULT* would, I will most likely been spending it. (*as I have been told numerous times by my mom) As I'm an obsessive planner, I've decided to browse around to make a tentative list of things to keep my eye out for, and hopefully they'll actually have them in store...

First up- Aritzia! I've been shopping at Aritzia less and less frequently as admittedly it's a bit too pricey most of the time, but I do love a good sale there, especially on their dresses. Honestly, I love the fit and quality of Aritzia's products, so I can't even fault them for their prices. I've had my eye on the Belgravia dress for some time now (obsessed with that colour...and I'm always a sucker for lace), so I'm glad to see it on sale! As for the Lambeth, I'm unsure of how it'd fit on my awkward body, but I think it'll be a cute dress for winter, so I'll just have to try it out in store.

Secondly- Zara. Ah yes, another old favourite that's been too pricey for me lately.

Remember what I said about lace? Here's the Guipure Yoke dress:

Another cute dress which I could wear for transitioning from winter into spring. I don't often buy black dresses though, so I may have to think about this a little more- although I do love dresses with sleeves (I'm self-conscious about my arms!!) This is on sale for $40.

I don't really need a new bag, but I haven't bought one in two years and am itchin' for a change. I really like the Combined Office Citybag/Office Citybag with Zips/Leather City Bag with Front Pocket! Only problem I have with them is I prefer two straps instead of one- I've had an issue with single-strap bags from Zara where the clasps have broken :(

Everyone should own a biker jacket for #falllooks! (sorry, I had to.) Even if you can't afford to splurge on a genuine leather one, this TRF Biker Jacket with Zips is really reasonable for $50.

On to shoes! Zara's boots are what I always go for, but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what they have in store. As for now, I think these Soft Patent Bluchers in Nude are super cute & remind me of Miu Miu- surprisingly, I don't own a pair already, despite wanting them for the past few years. $20 only!

While we're on the topic of shoes, these Freawiel boots from Aldo are pretty darn cool. I don't always buy my shoes from Aldo, but I love going in since their jewelry & accessories are always on sale- it's much better quality than Forever 21's!

I'm gonna stop there since even online browsing is tiring me out and I'm scared to think of how exhausting the actual experience will be, haha. Good luck to those of you that are planning on hitting up the sales as well! Will definitely be reporting back on my purchases :)

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