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crackle crème

Here's a little known fact that only a select few of my friends are aware of: crème brûlée is- save for ice cream- my favourite desser...

Here's a little known fact that only a select few of my friends are aware of: crème brûlée is- save for ice cream- my favourite dessert. This has been the case ever since I first watched Amélie on a flight to Paris about 9 years ago. Really, what's not to love? I wish I could describe the first ~magical~ moment I ever had crème brûlée, but sadly, the memory escapes me. However, I can tell you I've been hooked ever since- but unfortunately, I never know where to get any in Vancouver. More often than not, I can only ever find it at hotel functions. When hit with a sudden craving, I've had to go to Whole Foods as a last resort (admittedly, I really do like the crème brûlées there, though of course, the caramel topping isn't crunchy *sad sigh*.)

Luckily, my friend told me about the recent opening of Crackle Crème- a small café that opened in Strathcona, which can certainly stake its claim as the new hip neighbourhood in town, what with The Union and the many small & unique boutiques opening up (believe me, it was a much different case years ago, back when I attended elementary school in that area!) I knew I instantly had to drag Cybil, my friend & fellow dessert fanatic, with me. It's definitely small inside- seats about less than 10 people, but more along the 'cozy' feel as opposed to 'sardines in a can'. There's also a small patio space, and you can borrow a picnic blanket so that you can enjoy your dessert at the park! With over 10 options in flavours, from the simple (such as vanilla, espresso, matcha), to the more eccentric (durian, bailey's, chocolate guinness + bacon!!!!), we certainly had a hard time choosing. However, with my summer matcha obsession, I had to go for that, while Cybil opted for the lemon basil. After taking your order, Daniel, the owner & sole employee, pulls the crème brûlées straight out of the fridge and torches them on the spot. Another small detail I love is that there is glasses of water that you can pour for yourself readily on hand- if you recall my post from the hot chocolate festival, this is something I really appreciate at cafés.

On to the desserts themselves! I was so unbelievably happy to be able to crack the top with the back of my spoon- just the way Amélie does it in the movie! It was sweet and crunchy (the way it's meant to be)- and perfectly contrasted the beautifully smooth custard. The matcha flavouring was consistent and not overpowering at all. I tried a bit of Cybil's as well, and the lemon was light and fresh with a slight hint of basil. So obsessed! I will definitely be returning often to try and tackle the rest of the flavours ;) Definitely go check them out yourselves- don't just take my word for it! As far as I know, the flavours are never the same, and Daniel is constantly coming up with new ones...and if crème brûlée isn't for you, he also has liège waffles + ice cream! I can't for the life of me remember the exact price we paid (I know, I know...what kind of horrible blogger am I?!), but it was definitely only about $5 or so. ALSO-it's important to note that they're closed on Mondays & Tuesdays!

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Hope you've all been having a wonderful summer :)

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