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quick & easy christmas gifts at chapters

Can you believe it- Christmas is just 12 days away! I've mostly finished my Christmas shopping, but am still constantly on the lookout f...

Can you believe it- Christmas is just 12 days away! I've mostly finished my Christmas shopping, but am still constantly on the lookout for more small gifts (I have a shopping problem...I think that much is obvious, haha.) I haven't been in Chapters in a few months now, so I decided to stop by to see what new things they have in store! I know in the past few years they've really stepped up their game in terms of home decor items & of course various other gifts that aren't just reading material. I was particularly interested in their stationery section-

How cute is all of this?! The larger pencil bags above that say 'hello' are on sale for $9, and the long ones below that with the stripes (bonjour~)/bow are on sale for $6. I don't really need more pencil bags....but these are all my favourite patterns! My friends always joke that the minute a bow is placed on something, I will instantly be drawn to it right away...and it's true :( The same goes for anything striped- I'm honestly very tempted to buy that one for my trip to France.

[Off topic: do you notice something hiding in the back of that second picture?

Goodness knows I overuse the phrase 'I CAN'T EVEN' numerous times a day (despite it not making any sense to people that aren't familiar with internet slang) but I just...I literally cannot! hehe]

I also really like the huge journal with the Emily Dickinson quote- it's very simple, but it's a good size & is lined inside, so it'd be a useful gift for any student! I genuinely love taking notes, so every term I go looking for cute new notebooks.

Speaking of journals/notebooks- at about $30, I personally think Moleskines are a great gift for anyone you know that constantly has too many thoughts in their head, haha. I own both a pocket sized one and a large one. Pocket sized for daily thoughts/doodles, etc. and the large one I take with me every time I go on vacation for journaling purposes. (This was before they came out with the Voyageur Travellers notebook- I think I'll pick this up when I eventually fill up my current one!)

One area that I constantly check at Chapters ever since they started carrying the brand....would definitely have to be Kate Spade. Super girly, yet still professional & not over the top; everything they release is always right up my alley. Also for $30, their stylish planners are a must have! I know I wouldn't be able to live without my planner- sure, you can have your schedule in your phone, but I find it much more helpful to write it all down....not to mention all the to-do lists that I come up with daily. I would definitely encourage y'all to check out everything else they're offering- their stationery really is adorable and would all look so chic on your desk!

Finally...here's my pièce de résistance:

their Emma Pencil Pouch Set- inspired by Jane Austen's Emma, of course. On the back is a quote from the book, and inside, it includes an eraser, a sharpener, two pencils, and a ruler. The minute I saw this, I knew I needed it- I swear to you I've put it down on my wishlist already...and honestly, I think it's a great deal for $28. I've definitely even considered using this as a clutch...à la Olympia Le-Tan, whose book clutches are all the rage- literature is fashionable! [OOPS can I segue into mentioning one of my favourite tumblrs- John Jannuzzi, who used to be the editor for Lucky magazine, combines runway fashion with literary/historical characters. I love it. Check it out if you haven't already!!]

I've rambled enough already, but there are truly so many options at Chapters! Aside from what I've mentioned above, they also carry chocolate/snacks, amazing art (like products from Rifle Paper Co.!!! I'm addicted.), candles & beauty products, jewelry & accessories, etc. etc.....and hey, as a last resort, they even carry books ;)

(books really are an excellent gift btw)

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