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tom ford: lips & boys (jake)

I'm sure we all have a splurge item that we might slightly regret- be it due to the product itself being a disappointment (which i...

I'm sure we all have a splurge item that we might slightly regret- be it due to the product itself being a disappointment (which is the absolute worst), or we find ourselves unable to justify the price we paid despite liking the product.

I have a constant feeling of guilt every time I look at my Tom Ford lipstick. I was really convinced I would never pay $58 for just a LIPSTICK, especially as I don't even wear my lipsticks all that often. And yet one day, tempted by a $10 voucher from Holt Renfrew, I bit the bullet (aha!) and threw all caution to the wind.

I do like the lipstick, I really do. But as I feared, I just haven't used it very much. I say I will, and then I don't- and of course, I've purchased other lipsticks since then that I love even more. (I would like to say though, that Tom Ford's lipsticks are one of the few that I don't find too drying even after a few hours- they stay buttery soft and smooth for me.)

But of course, foolish people are the ones that repeat the same mistake...which is why I'm writing this post right now. With the release of Tom Ford's 'Lips & Boys' collection last year, I got sucked into it all over again. I really do love the packaging of his lipsticks...and the mini size was far too cute to pass up. (Confession: before even looking at the shades, I tried to pick out all the names of boys I'd ever had crushes on, lol.) Luckily for my wallet, I found out that the Tom Ford website doesn't ship to Canada. I was safe....or so I thought.

The announcement last week that Holt Renfrew would be carrying the collection on Black Friday brought back those tempting feelings again. I hadn't planned on buying one...which means that I of course ended up buying one. I'd only gone in in the hopes of picking up something from the Chanel counter (which ended up being sold out), and dramatically, from across the room, I spotted the Tom Ford counter, and I swear I heard it calling my name....and I just gravitated towards it. I don't own any dusky rose/nude shades, and I'd really been wanting one ever since I tried Dior's 'Radieuse' from their holiday collection this year (which sold out pretty quickly), so I swatched all the nudes that I could. The salesperson suggested either Jake or Austin, which honestly looked almost identical to me, except Austin was slightly slightly more shimmery. I ended up going for Jake, figuring that if shimmer was what I was looking for, I'd just add a touch of gloss. (Confession #2: Jake Gyllenhaal. That is all.)

I was worried it'd be no bigger than a deluxe sample, so here's a comparison.
...and here it is compared to the regular size!
(awkward lip swatches since the ones on my hand were NOT working out. sorry.)

So, here's to ridiculous splurging and making the same mistake twice. I have used this a few times already though, and it's only been a week, so I have high hopes. It's so tiny that I've also been keeping it in my jacket pocket, so that might aid in my sad cause!

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