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christmas shopping at sephora, lush, & richmond

I feel as if I should admit to the fact that I do most of my shopping at Sephora in December. Aside from that, I usually only shop there 3 o...

I feel as if I should admit to the fact that I do most of my shopping at Sephora in December. Aside from that, I usually only shop there 3 or 4 times throughout the rest of the year...but can you blame me? I really don't need any more make-up than I already have, and they release the most amazing gift sets near Christmas....

...so I had to pick up a few things for my friends. I've been really into skincare this year, so I went more for that over make-up, and I found that this year's sets were such a great value.

The 'Bottle Service' nail polish set contains 10 mini polishes from Sephora's Formula X line, and I really just purchased it cuz I thought the packaging was way too cute for words, haha. Next, we have Etat Libre's perfume sampler, which is only available online. I've not tried any of their perfumes before, but I heard they're quite unique, and I had to buy it since it contains a perfume named 'Jasmin et Cigarette', and I'm planning on gifting this to my friend named Jasmin! The Origins mask set is the perfect example of a great value set. Although the masks included are the 1 oz sized ones, I myself own the same Charcoal mask (which works wonders, by the way), and it's lasted me well over a year. One of those costs $21 anyway, so to get 3 for $26...amazing! Nothing much to say about L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil- I do love their products and it smells amazing.

I also picked up NUDE Skincare's 'Triple Skin Rescue' kit- I've heard some wonderful things about their products but have never tried them myself. One of the employees there let me test out the Cleansing Jelly, which reminded me a bit like Vaseline- not drying at all. I'm planning on using these as a nicer sort of stocking stuffer as I think I may keep the Fizzy Powder Wash for myself since it'll be absolutely perfect to take with me on vacation! 

Admittedly, one of the main reasons I placed an order online is because of this:

Here's what I love: the packaging of the full-sized perfume. The stunning emerald green colour. The keychain. 
Here's what I don't love: the perfume itself. Given the campaign, I expected it to be musky and ~*seductive*~, which isn't surprising when you see it contains vetiver, papyrus woods & liquid amber. However, what shines through and lingers (at least on my skin), is the floral notes, which actually become cloyingly sweet, giving me quite a headache. Even when it's toned down a bit after a few hours, I still can't handle it. Ah well. It's a pretty vial that'll look great on my dresser.


On to my small haul from Lush! I watch a lot of Lush haul vids, but have only shopped there 3 times ever, so stepping into the store is always quite overwhelming for me. I won't go into my whole experience, but I knew I wanted to pick out a lot of this year's Christmas offerings as gifts. 

My purchase total was about $41 or so? I really was only planning on getting 2 or 3 things but....I got a bit carried away. A lot of the scents were way too heavy for me, so I tried to go solely for the clean/fresh + soothing scents. Shower jellies look really fun, and I was surprised at how good they felt on my skin, so I went for one of those. The Santa Claus bubble bar smells DELICIOUS (strawberries, mmmm), and the other two bath bombs were the clean/soothing scents I mentioned- perfect for a nighttime bath before bed. 


Now, the reason I buy so many stocking stuffers is because I like putting together gift bags/boxes (more on this in another post) as opposed to one sole gift, unless I know there's one specific thing that a friend wants. I headed to Aberdeen to see if I could find any little things that would do the trick!

I really love planners- I certainly can't live without mine, and I'm constantly telling my friends to purchase their own...so I picked up a few. The Korean ones always have the cutest designs, and best of all, they're SMALL- you can easily fit them in your purse or clutch.

how adorable are these???

From T&T, I got these animal paper masks. I've always preferred cream masks, but a lot of my friends love paper masks, and it's so easy to shove a few into a gift bag. 

This seems a bit silly, but I picked up these little felting kits from Daiso. I've never tried it myself, though I have watched numerous tutorials, and the animals they've made have always been so cute (I can't stop describing everything as ~*so cute*~...sorry!), but I don't think I have the patience for it yet. I got the Snowman one for the same friend that'll be receiving the Snowman shower jelly, haha.

Lastly, from the Lindt outlet store...I of course had to pick up some chocolate! 

As you can guess....these two bags aren't cheap at all, but I don't know anyone that doesn't love Lindt, so I don't mind spending a bit more for quality chocolate ;A; The outlet store does have a lot of great deals on Christmas products during December, so if you'd prefer to do that instead of getting a grab bag (which never go on sale), I'd opt for that instead.

Sorry for making you sit through yet another long & blabby post. I've still got a few more Christmas gift posts to push out, I'm afraid!

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