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treat yo self

*haven't done one of these long posts in a while, so excuse the excessive selcas ~galentine's day~ (not celebrated the way leslie...

*haven't done one of these long posts in a while, so excuse the excessive selcas
~galentine's day~ (not celebrated the way leslie knope intended it to be, but still lovely nevertheless) What horrid weather we had on this (supposedly) romantic day, haha. Dreary and drizzly- it clearly ruined all the hard work I put into curling my hair in the morning :( I am in love with my dress though- I'd had my eye on it for ages, and I would check constantly at Aritzia, but it would never go on sale. My time finally arrived!!! Picked it up a few days ago at 50% :) Patience will be rewarded, haha. Make-up is very /whatever/. Added the purple merely to match the dress. I am in love with my nails though...
Started off the day at ubc, as the canucks were SUPPOSED to have been practicing there, but for whatever reason (aka they're all jerks), practice was moved to pacific coliseum, so instead, I headed downtown. 
Met up with Xtina in the afternoon to kick off our plans (there were no plans- I improvised), and we headed to Provence for lunch...however, what I hadn't realized was, like many other Yaletown restaurants, Provence was closing in the late afternoon to prepare for dinner service. They sat us in the bar area though, which we were perfectly fine with. We both chose the quick lunch menu (which is a really great deal at $23)- deciding on the prosciutto wrapped bocconcini, and the wild mushroom ravioli. I've only been to Provence a few times, but I have never been disappointed, not to mention their staff are always attentive and super friendly. They have a great dessert menu which I'd love to try some other time, but I had made plans for us to head elsewhere, so we didn't order any. Ooh yes, gift exchange as well. Thanks for the lindt, bb (boys, I think I'd prefer this to flowers hahahahaa)
Onward to Ganache! Christina ordered the forêt noir, while I chose the caramel chocolat. Due to the hazelnuts, it more or less tasted like a ferrero rocher that had been coated in caramel sauce. I think one whole serving was too much for me- it's definitely meant to be shared, considering how sweet the caramel is. I really enjoyed it though...especially the praline crunch. I think xtina liked hers as well, save for the griottine cherries. I am not a huge fan of cherries in desserts (cherries just remind me of medicine, tbh), and the strong taste of brandy is definitely not for everyone. 
Afterward, we headed to PC, where we eventually bumped into Erica (unsurprisingly, haha.) Valentine's Day at Holt Renfrew? Only romantic if you have a significant other to buy you extravagant gifts there, unfortunately :( [I had also been there earlier that day, and watched as one of the Dior girls had received a singing telegram as everyone else gathered around and watched. Cute.] We had fun though!  Spent a lot of time in the Tom Ford section, didn't we :P So much love for the $2000+ Saint Laurent classic leather duffle bags. Could hear my heart breaking the minute I saw the price tag, sigh. 
All in all, there's no point in moping if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend to spend Valentine's with- that's what amazing friends are for ♥

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