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peaches & roses

Last summer, I rediscovered an eyeshadow in my makeup drawer- Chanel's Ombre D'eau  in #40 ( Source ), and it quickly became a new s...

Last summer, I rediscovered an eyeshadow in my makeup drawer- Chanel's Ombre D'eau in #40 (Source), and it quickly became a new staple in my daily makeup routine as an inner corner highlight for my eyes. Thanks to the doe foot applicator, it's super easy to apply- no fuss or mess. When I'd first purchased it in 2012, I'd been going through a "I'm a big girl that can afford Chanel now, so I'm gonna splurge!!!!" phase, and the shadow had caught my eye since I'd never seen anything like it before (and truthfully, I loved the frosted glass container as well.) Till this year when I'd decided to go the route of Korean makeup in frequenting a more natural look, I'd always leaned more towards smoky browns and golds (which I realize now made me look more tired & older), so I'd never used the shadow solely on my lids. Unfortunately, by the time I realized how much I was obsessed with it....Chanel had already discontinued the fluid shadows.

I spent months searching for a dupe to no avail- till I watched one of Amarixe's monthly favourite videos, in which she mentioned Josie Maran's coconut water eyeshadows, and I noted that it was more or less the same product as Chanel's. I excitedly headed to Sephora and picked out Playa del Pink, which quickly joined my list of favourite products for this summer. It is slightly more metallic and a bit heavier than the Chanel shadow- and I will note that at the end of the day, my lids feel quite...tired and I'm very aware of having it on my lids. It claims that the Argan-infused pigments make lids look less crepey and smoother, but....I'm not sure it works that way for me. For that reason, I tend to only wear it for special occasions nowadays as opposed to on the daily. What I did realize though, is how many peachy/nude & shimmery pinks I own. 

Benefit's High Beam was my first ~luxury~ beauty purchase back in high school, and I used it excessively on my cheeks (groan.) NARS' Copacabana was another summer favourite- though I tended to use it also in the inner corner of my eyes instead of on my cheeks, but I do love it as an all-round illuminator. I feel like it has a slightly tropical scent as well? Perhaps it's just me....

I'm obsessed with Benefit's Watts Up as well- especially in this miniature size. I took it with me to Europe and used it as a highlight for under my brows- it's so easy to use and I can just pop it into my jacket pocket!

This week....I hit up the Chanel counter at Holt Renfrew, which I haven't visited in ages. I ended up picking up a little something....

Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in #82 (Émerveillé- which is more or less 'to marvel'....aptly named, really.) All the shades are extremely pretty, and I spent over 15 minutes trying to decide. There were shimmery silvers, a lovely gold, a rich jewel blue, and a maroon-ish red I thought would be perfect for fall (but knew would make me look like I had an eye infection...sigh.) In the end, I went for the safest option and chose- of course- the peachy pink. The included brush is super handy- the end comes off so that you can cap the brush.  Its gel/mousse-like texture reminds me of Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush- though this is slightly bouncier, with a bit more give when you push down on it.

I wore it today and was blown away by how gorgeous it is on the lids. It's quite shimmery but the shade itself is very natural, and it applies very easily with the brush. I'd been worried about creasing, but with primer underneath, I had it on for 8 hours without it creasing or fading. Best of all, it doesn't make my lids look crinkly, nor is it heavy feeling whatsoever. New obsession, for sure! 

(I also repurchased a Chanel eyelash curler- I know everyone raves about the Shu Uemura ones, but I tried theirs once and had a horrible allergic reaction to it, so I had to return mine. The Chanel one fits my eye shape nicely and I haven't had any problems with it~) 

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