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hot chocolate festival pt. 2 (2014)

Apologies for yet another long-delayed post! Here is the second part to my Hot Chocolate Festival adventures. You can find part one here if...

Apologies for yet another long-delayed post! Here is the second part to my Hot Chocolate Festival adventures. You can find part one here if you haven't read it yet :) Must post these all now as the 2015 Hot Choc Festival starts this Saturday!

I was certainly feeling more pressed for time as January ended- many of the hot chocolates in February were limited to one week only and I had to rush to try as many as possible. I returned to Bel Café to try their Banana Split hot chocolate. As I arrived 10 minutes before they were closing, I had to settle for a paper cup to go.

As you can see, it also comes with a walnut marshmallow and a loaf of banana bread. While not quite as scrumptious as the one I had at Bella Gelateria, the banana bread was still quite moist and delicious. (I purchased the cookies & cream macaron on the side, as I haven't had one from Bel Café in ages and was needing a little macaron fix!) The hot chocolate itself was pretty standard, quite mild and well matched with a slight nuttiness- the marshmallow was a bit too sweet for my taste, but once melted, added a nice foaminess to the hot chocolate. Just like my first visit to Bel Café, this was also $7.10. 

I hadn't planned on returning to Thierry for "The Ampamakia", but my plans to visit Chocolaterie de Nouvelle France on Main St. fell through, and Thierry is open quite late, unlike most other cafés. This was also the same price as the "Trio of Chocolate" that I had last time, but I feel as if that was much more price-worthy. The Ampamakia has a very distinct taste- quite a unique chocolate, but I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It comes with two chocolate dipped marshmallows, which I weren't crazy about as they were dark chocolate based, but I did like the creaminess it added once I popped them into the hot chocolate. 

Of course, I had to hit up yet another dessert place that I frequent- Soirette. I'd only ever had their macarons before and not any drinks, but I was excited to try the 'Hot Toddy Float'. Oooooh, this one was absolutely perfect on a cold evening. The delicious buttered rum was rich and gave a bit of 'oomph' to the drink- it certainly warmed up my insides quickly! With the addition of their wild mountain honey ice cream, it made it an excellently foamy & buttery hot drink. The Grouse Grind reward cluster that was included reminded me of an Oh Henry! bar except with almonds and hazelnuts instead of peanuts. This cost $6.25!

Of course, there were also locations that I'd never been to before, like Cocoa Nymph. Their drinks were inspired by Greek mythology, so it instantly piqued my interest. My friend Christina and I both ordered 'Hera's Habit', which was a deep milk chocolate with malted milk balls. Like Mink, this was also a drinking chocolate, but I found it to be much more manageable- not quite as thick to drink. There's a huge malt ball on a spoon that's placed in your drink, and it's very delicious once mixed in, with the consistency of peanut butter. Also included was a vanilla cinnamon shortbread cookie. The total was $6.56.

Last but not least was yet another first for me- Thomas Haas! So well-known, and yet I'd never been able to stop by, goodness knows why. I waited till the end of the festival to head here, so when I arrived, the whole store was completely packed with people trying to get in their last minute Valentine's Day orders. I had 'The Campfire'- a classic hot chocolate with smoky caramel and Hawaiian sea salt. I liked it, but...I do think it was a bit sweet- I remember trying to look around to see if they had any water available. (In all honesty, I didn't really take notes this time and I can't quite remember much of the details like the price, sad to say.)

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