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The first time I'd heard of Mirenesse products was through an ad on my Facebook sidebar. I typically ignore those, but this one advert...

The first time I'd heard of Mirenesse products was through an ad on my Facebook sidebar. I typically ignore those, but this one advertised their Instant Lash Transplant Lengthening Kit, and as someone forever on the hunt for good lash products, I was instantly intrigued, but after clicking through the site, nothing specifically caught my attention, so I closed the tab and moved on. However, a few weeks later, while googling their company, I learned of a promo they were doing where you could receive up to 6 trial products for free, save for S+H. No big deal, I thought- that can't be too expensive! Obviously, I'm never one to sit back when FREE PRODUCTS are on the line, so I rushed to the site to see for myself. So many wonderful products- I filled up my cart quite quickly after hemming & hawing for a while....but when it came time to check out, I was shocked to see the price in my cart at $100+. I kept clicking around, absolutely confused, and I realized S+H wasn't one cost, but was charged per item. A bit disillusioned, I ended up choosing 3 products, which came to US $23.97. I realize that it's still technically a deal because one product alone is worth about $30, but still, I felt a bit sad. 

Here are the three things I went with. I was planning on going with a lash product as that's what they seem to be most known for, but I still have tons of mascaras to go through, and I figured I didn't need another one to add to my pile. I went for two eyeliners as I'm running out of my Urban Decay 24/7, and I was hoping to find something better to replace it. 

27hr Eye Kohl on the very right. The two other swatches are of the Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal eyeliner duo, which I've been LOVING. You can see it in my previous post here!

I was really impressed with the 27hr Eye Kohl. I've always wanted to try a blue eyeliner but was always too worried I wouldn't get much use of it- the Urban Decay ones are stunning but I didn't want to pay $24! Most importantly, this really doesn't budge much. The swatch on my hand didn't come off right away despite persistent rubbing under water, and on my waterline, it stays on for most of the day with very minimal smudging, which is a huge problem I have with my Urban Decay liner (which a lot of people don't seem to have trouble with, judging by the raving reviews it has. I don't know. It always smudges on me.) Here's what it looks like on my eyes:

I just love the bright pop of colour it brings. Am definitely happy with this! However, I'm not quite as impressed with the Auto Eye Liner Duet- it swatches dark & creamy, but that doesn't seem to transfer well on my waterline- it goes on faint and a bit waxy, so I have to apply it more than once to really get a good black line. Ehhh. I'll use it up but won't buy it again.

The last product I purchased was the Cheeky Blush in Paris Peach. Now, I love blushes, but I always seem to have trouble finding one that will last on my face for more than 4 hours and also won't break me out. For that reason, I only own about 4 or 5 blushes, and half of them get very little use (for example, Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush was an exciting purchase for me in high school until I realized I should definitely avoid cream products- it made my cheeks so bumpy and itchy! Sadface.) This blush did quite well though- my skin stayed clear, and the blush lasts on me for most of the day! 

It's a very natural peachy-pink with a hint of frost and shimmer. I wouldn't build this too much as it can get clownish-red quite quickly, though! The packaging is adorable, but I suppose my one tiny gripe is that when pulling it out, it can get stuck or jammed if you pull at it too hard. It's not really a huge issue, but a tiny annoyance at times. I prefer flip-tops! 

All in all, I was very impressed by Mirenesse, considering I'd never really heard much of them before. I will probably only wait for promotions or sales though, as $30+ for these products are a bit steep for me....

Here's a full look at the makeup:

Was looking through my makeup drawer and trying to use some things I'd completely forgotten about! The look was much more bronze/metallic/glittery in person and I'm sad that I couldn't capture that in the pictures :( 

On my lips I've got a gorgeous Nars Velvet Gloss lip pencil in New Lover which is a deluxe sample I'd received from Sephora and had always been meaning to use but could find no excuse to. It's absolutely gorgeous topped off with a bit of lip gloss, thanks to the iridescent shimmer in it.

Wow, two posts in a row- this is a record! Hope I manage to keep this productivity up ;)

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